Stress Testing

When you're preparing a lobby and community service targeted towards a large-scale game, you can expend all the time and effort required to come up with an intelligent and efficient design and a solid performance-oriented implementation, but you'll never know just how it'll all hold up in the real world until you throw an army of users at it.

However, getting around a hundred thousand real people to all play your game at once is... a little tough. The next best thing, though, is bot-based siege testing.

Through partnerships with IBM and Digital Ribbon, Quazal can assist you in building a series of unit tests to stress individual lobby components, and combined 'behavior tests' that can more closely simulate the real-world behavior of your eventual users, and then seed them on one of the world's most powerful computing centers to siege your servers with tens to hundreds of thousands of virtual users. Iteratively, you'll be able to see potential choke points, and work with us to clear them out in anticipation for launch day.

Script Verification & Review

So you've chosen Rendez-Vous, built up a set of scripts and services that execute all of your planned features, and you're approaching your submission date. But have you built everything efficiently, and will it handle the load of your real-world users?

Our script verification and review service will have us work with you to evaluate your scripts, understand what the goal of each service is, and determine where changes and enhancements can be made to improve the efficiency of your lobby and community service.

When you're dealing with potentially thousands of concurrent users, it's best not to leave things to chance.

Extension Development

If you're working on a complex lobby, matchmaking and community system of your own design, you might come across some times where you just need a bit of a hand tackling a tough problem. We can help you out in this case, by assisting in custom development of certain features.

This can range from a new Rendez-Vous service developed from scratch to suit your needs, or a modification of an existing service that you'd like to behave somewhat differently. Also, if you have a peculiar set of build and environment requirements, such as a non-standard compiler, use of unusual maths libraries, or anything else that's hindering your progress with Rendez-Vous, contact us for an assessment on what's needed to jump those hurdles.

Custom Lobby Development

You're making a large-scale online game. You've evaluated Rendez-Vous, discussed the feature-set with us, and determined that Rendez-Vous is a perfect technology for your project. However, you may not have the staff or experience on-hand to build your lobby and community design yourself in a timely fashion. That's where we can come in.

We can work with you to build all of the back-end and state-machine aspects of your online lobby and menu structure, from the ground up. From initial feature assessment and scheduling, on through python script development, MySQL structures and queries, and custom Rendez-Vous extensions, to a fully online-aware menu state machine, we'll build it all for you. This will ensure that your implementation is efficient, will handle the load of users you expect, and will make it through submission with minimal hassle.

It won't be cheap, but it'll be done to spec, it'll be done properly, and it'll be done on time.

Quazal Development Services

Quazal can provide development assistance at any point in your multiplayer development and integration of Quazal technology.

  • Early design assistance including object definition and efficient update policies on the Net-Z side, to community features and concepts on the Rendez-Vous side
  • Efficient database structure and queries to assist in deploying to larger-scale communities
  • Custom script and service development
  • Technical integration of Net-Z or Rendez-Vous
  • Assistance in setting up stress testing prior to a large-scale launch
  • On-site training to ramp up your team, and teach them best practices
  • Script validation and review to ensure that any custom services and scripts are efficiently coded
Or, bring us on for a larger scale project, letting us build your lobby and community system for you!