Rendez-Vous. You are about to discover the most innovative and flexible game lobby product on the market. Quazal not only provides a rich and customizable lobby API, but will become your hosting partner once your game goes live.

Full Featured Lobby
Rendez-Vous provides you with all the services you come to expect from a commercial-grade lobby service. These include, but are not limited to, friends lists, clans, matchmaking, ping statistics, chat rooms, player management, instant messages, invitations, chat, vulgarity filters, tournaments, statistics, event calendars, account management, encryption, authentication, file uploads and file downloads. Core functions are a breeze to implement, and additional functionality can be easily developed by extending the base system as well.

Powerful and Flexible API
Each game is different, as are the requirements for the lobby. One of the key features of Rendez-Vous is the ability to design and implement in Python or C++ custom scripts and custom protocols, or add custom data tables, enabling developers to create unique and targeted feature sets most suitable for their games.

Compatible With any In-game Networking Technology
While Quazal offers our own in-game networking middleware with Net-Z, Rendez-Vous can work with any in-house developed engines, as well as other 3rd party in-game networking engines.

Build Your Brand
Branding is an important issue for any game and for any publisher. Quazal will never force our branding on your game, so you will not be required to use a Quazal splash screen or the Rendez-Vous logo in your game. The only branding we require is a listing in the credits. This opens up the ability to create your own lobby brand and let it cover multiple interconnected titles, giving users a sense of continuity, community and anticipation when they see future titles under your brand.

Established and Scalable Hosting Services
Quazal is committed to providing the best hosting environment in the industry. Each live hosting contract includes a Service Level Agreement with performance and uptime guarantees. In its world-class datacentre, there is plenty of room to grow. Quazal had been providing reliable hosting on live console and PC titles since 2004, and boasts some of the biggest name titles in the industry today. Whether you're launching a smaller title, or one that may need support for over 100,000 concurrent players, Quazal has a solution for you.

Platform-Specific Hosting Expertise
Quazal is one of only a very few approved partners for the Microsoft LSP platform, allowing Xbox 360 and Games For Windows Live titles to connect to 3rd party servers and provide enhanced community services. Having launched dozens of titles across the major console platforms, Quazal has the best experience in the industry to help you make sure your submission and launch go smoothly.

One Stop Shop
Quazal is renowned for the quality of its technical support. We strive to ensure that all the multiplayer features you require in your game work beyond expectations, and we will be there throughout the development process to assist you. Quazal offers an end-to-end solution, from the in-game multiplayer engine to the lobby system and hosting services, to consulting on multiplayer development. We understand the pitfalls inherent in multiplayer development and will always be around to assist you, whether you are using your own in-game technology or ours, through our extensive support and consulting services.